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Hybrid Application Development using Ionic, AngularJs, Cordova – Part 2

As we are done with the platform setup, we can move on to the next step with creating our first hybrid application, If you have missed the platform setup guide please check here.

To create a new application first go to the directory where you want to create your new application using the command prompt and give the following command.

here RealExchangeRate (as I am going to walk through developing a currency converter application)is the name of my application and blank is the template name, there are some other templates available (blank, tabs, sidemenu), you can check their getting started with Ionic tutorial to the templates.

after the use command prompt to go inside the directory of your application using the following command.

when you are inside your application directory, add platform (android, ios, windowsphone) support to your application with the following command one by one. for now Ionic framework in only supporting android and ios, Windows Phone and FirefoxOS support is on their road map.

That’s it, you have your first hybrid application ready for android devices. What? Are you surprised? Please go and check the RealExchangeRate application  directory.

Inside the ant-build folder you will find the file RealExchangeRate-debug.apk, just copy the file and install it your android device you will see a blank application running in you device.

All right, so we are ready with our first hybrid application, In the next tutorial I am going to extend this basic application to a real time currency converter application.

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Md Shiefuzzaman • October 22, 2014

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